Gunter's Mercedes Sales & Service. (803) 327-7039
Gunter's Mercedes Sales & Service. (803) 327-7039


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well worth the drive from west virginia
I almost hate to write these comments, for they may send more business to Junior Gunter, but he merits every phoneme...and more. Junior knows these magnificent German motorcars--all vintages of them (mine is currently a 1983 240D). What I really like is that, if parts are not readily available, he will rig together parts that will work or use parts from his extenstive collection of supernumerary cars, although he also seems to have ready access to new parts. He will also put on parts I supply from ebay. Junior lets lets me work along side him. I like that. I have yet to find any MBZ repairman or repair station that allows ANY of these things mentioned above. Junior is to MBZ repairmen like a German doctor who still performs house calls.

The man is a true multi-tasker. He takes phone calls, while repairing cars, while greeting customers with smiles. He answers customer questions, no matter how inane, AWAYS with courtesy and cheer. He seems to start work at 7:00 AM and stay working until after 9:00 PM. He is just as customer friendly at night as he is in the early morning. (Sometimes he even grabs a bite during his workday, but not always.) I really fear for his health and look forward to his retiring soon to his Virginia aerie, where down on the flatland below he plans to reopen his business, some 100 miles closer to me!

I should mention also that his prices on repairs are far fairer than those of other dealers.
I give this business an A+